About Me


 Sabine Senft graduated with  honors from the University of Regensburg and earned her Master’s degree in Munich cum laude. She studied sculpture and painting with residencies in Italy, and stays in Austria and France where museum studies and art workshops enhanced her education and perception. She went on to live and work in Japan, England and Brazil before settling in Texas.  The artist feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to immerse herself consciously in so many diverse cultures, including San Antonio’s vibrant Chicano culture.  Each has left its distinct mark on her artwork and perception.  It also inspired her international collection of gold leaf in different formats, carats and shades that now finds incorporation in her work. Senft’s art speaks powerfully through the juxtaposition of disparate elements and is an expression of the artist’s transcultural identity. Senft’s work has been exhibited and is held in collections in CA, NY, RI and TX – and internationally in Japan, Colombia, Germany, Austria, the U.K. and Brazil.