About Me



Sabine Senft lives  in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She works across sculpture, painting and photography for public, corporate and private settings. Senft’s work is inspired by the various mentalities, cultures and geopolitical situations she has lived and worked in over the last two decades. It is informed by current cross-cultural observations blended with personal European heritage  and history.

In 1994 she he graduated cum laude with a BFA from the University of Regensburg, Germany. Senft studied sculpture and painting with residencies in Italy and stays in Austria and France where museum studies and art workshops enhanced her education and perception. After earning her Master’s degree in Munich in 1995, she went on to live and work in Japan, London and Brazil. Immersing herself consciously in so many diverse cultures has left its distinct mark on her artwork and mindset. Her art speaks powerfully through the juxtaposition of disparate elements and is an expression of the artist’s transnational identity.  The recurring use of gold leaf harkens back to her upbringing in baroque Bavaria, her time in Japan and living near the gold mines of Brazil. She owes the strong sense of composition in her work to the Bauhaus tradition. Senft credits the USA with the freedom to experiment within these parameters. Her work exudes a calm balance of process and concept.

Sabine Senft has won recognition with several awards, including the 2015/16 Rick Liberto Award for Visual Art and Artist Foundation of San Antonio Grant. Her work has been exhibited and collected nationally in CA, NY, RI, KS, TX and IL- and internationally in Japan, Germany, Colombia, Austria, the U.K. and Brazil.  Her latest public art commissions have been installed at the University Health System Medical Tower in San Antonio and more recently at the UHS clinic at the Dominion.