A recent article on the “LUMINESSENCE” exhibition:  

Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi

While living in Japan, I inhaled the Japanese culture, which was, to me, curiously exciting and bewildering all at once… and like all the countries I have lived and worked in over the years, Japan has left its traces on my art work. This is what distinguishes my art: an eclectic mix of global influences and learning - a Read the Rest →


The memento universi© is of my own invention and one of the signature trademarks of my artwork. A star constellation frequently features in my titles and the works themselves. I invented this “memento universi©” to reference art history,  personal and cultural philosophies. Unlike the traditional memento mori, a reminder of life’s transient nature used by Read the Rest →

LUMINESSENCE — LIGHT reveals what is underneath, the ESSENCE.

LUMINESSENCE= LIGHT & ESSENCE   LIGHT reveals what is underneath, the ESSENCE.  In my work I explore contrasts.  As one kind and very observing reviewer once put it, my art consists of “… an element of structure within a certain free play. Shiny-dull, rough-smooth, warm-cool, hard-soft, linear-flowing. Juxtapositions of disparate elements […] seem to speak Read the Rest →